They’re there, lurking right on the surface of your skin for the whole world to see. Blackheads, also known as the bane of your beauty ritual, are one of the most annoying things you’ll have to contend with as you prep your face for the day.

Blackheads, which happen when too much oil gets trapped in pores, may seem like a tough foe to conquer, but with a clarifying and astringent gel you can dissolve set-in dirt and remove impurities from your skin, leading to a smoother, blackhead-free complexion!

Oily skin can lead to other problems, too, which can make it difficult to find the right foundation or balancing powder to even out your skin and give your face a more alluring mystique.

However, by dabbing a light, oil-free matte gel to your complexion, you can get the radiant appearance you crave. This gel will leave a flawless matte finish over your face and help minimize pores, which is key if you’ve got a problem with blackheads. Best of all, an antioxidant-laden gel can enrich your skin with the nutrients it needs to shine!