With so many eyeshadow shades available these days, it might seem silly to use anything else to add a pop of color on your lids. But sometimes even the best makeup brands don’t have the exact shades you need to warm up your complexion and add unexpected intrigue to your look, whether it’s for day or night. Luckily, The Beauty Department has a solution.

Although both powder and cream eyeshadows come in colors galore, you might not be able to find the perfect hue to make your eyes come alive. So why not turn to blush, which is the go-to product for waking up your cheeks and enlivening your entire face?

According to the source, it’s perfectly acceptable to use a powder blush for cheeks as an eyeshadow to give your eyes that something extra. Just sweep on your regular eyeshadow shade as usual across your entire lid, then use plenty of blush in the crease.

Once your eyeliner and mascara has also been applied, you’ll see that the added pop of blush enhances the color of your eyes and helps your look stand out!

Image Credit: Weddingomania

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