One woman who knows a thing or two about attending red carpet events is Heather Graham. The illustrious actress has been going to these events for years, and she recently showed up to the European premiere of “The Hangover III” to wow audiences once again with her beauty.

Graham wore a stunning black dress that showed off her curves as she posed for photographers. To complement the elegance of the ensemble, she rimmed her eyes with black eyeliner and an ample amount of dark mascara to give her peepers some drama. On her lips, she wore a subtle shade of magenta that was just enough to give her pout some eye-catching color.

If you want to recreate Graham’s appearance on your own face for an upcoming event, all you need is dark eye makeup to help you achieve your goal. Simply use a long-lasting, waterproof mascara to give your lashes some much-needed length. Then, use a black eyeliner around your eyes to top off the look. Redbook magazine encourages you to keep your chin up during the application process to make it easier and increase accuracy.

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