Many women take spring as an opportunity to switch up their hairstyles. Whether it’s going from long locks to a chic bob, lightening up dark strands or just ditching the straightener for a while, you might be looking for new ways to jazz up your tresses. Aside from awesome beauty products, you might want to stock up on a few of these trendy accessories. Here’s how to wear them.

Headbands are always a chic addition to any hairstyle, whether it’s in an updo, a side ponytail or a braid. They’re versatile because they come in all kinds of colors and styles, and they can be placed in numerous positions on your head. Use a volumizing product like Leonor Greyl – Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice, tease your hair to create body, then slip a headband behind your ears, close to your hairline, over your forehead (hippie-style) or far back on your crown. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re not afraid to be a bit cutesy, bows are totally hot this season. Glamour Magazine recommends wearing them on a headband, tying a ribbon around your ponytail, securing the end of a braid with one or tying a bow to the front of a retro updo. Just make sure your strands are glossy with Hamadi – Shea Pomade.

Many fashion designers consider barrettes as hair jewelry. As such, the trendiest styles are often big and sparkly, much like cocktail rings for your digits. Use one to pull your hair back into a half-updo, bring your hair to one side or secure a strand behind your ear. Just make sure to keep everything else you’re wearing understated, as you don’t want your look to be overwhelming.

While feather extensions are certainly an option, a few simple feathers placed temporarily in your hair is often more budget-friendly and less of a commitment. Stick a few into your braid and secure with a styling product, or attach a few to a plain headband. As long as they’re not sticking straight up, they’ll look chic.

Scarves can be worn in a variety of ways, which is what makes them such a hot commodity this season. You can wrap one around your head to create a cool retro-inspired updo or tie one like a headband. It might look great with a head full of curls, so use Leonor Greyl – Algues Et Fleurs to enhance your hair’s texture and get it ready for a curling iron or hot rollers.

Hair combs
According to, hair combs are perfect for sticking into a high bun or holding back glamorous side-swept curls. Find a comb with pretty details, then backcomb strands to create texture that will keep the comb in place.

Hair nets
You don’t have to be a lunch lady to rock a hair net, reports Elle Magazine. One celebrity stylist uses hair nets to wrap chignons and other updos. Paired with a few antique pins, the style looks old-school gorgeous. Choose a net that’s the opposite color of your hair to make it stand out, then rock a red lipstick like BABOR – Filling Lip Color for an old Hollywood look.

Bobby pins
These handy tools aren’t always meant to be hidden behind the scenes. Pick up a few brightly colored bobby pins and place a few together in a row to hold back a section of hair behind your ear. It’s a classic standby that’s unexpectedly chic. Consider matching the colors to your Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers manicure.

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