If you thought coverage of the royal wedding would end on April 29, think again. Not only are dress makers now scrambling to imitate the jaw-dropping design Kate Middleton revealed on the much-awaited day, but commentary is pouring in regarding her choice to do her own wedding-day makeup (and the stunning results).

Most of you probably won’t be marrying a real-life prince anytime soon, but it’s always fun to dress for the part. For a true royal flush, opt for pretty, classic colors like the ones Kate chose on her wedding day.

Kate always has flawless, glowing skin, so use a moisturizing foundation to obtain that same fresh, natural finish. Her rosy cheeks were turned up a notch for the big day, so don’t be afraid to go for a shade of pink that’s a bit brighter than what you would normally choose. A highlighting cream applied to your temples and the apples of your cheeks might add that extra oomph to knock the cameramen dead.

Kate is most famous of all for her eye makeup, however, and for this, she chose a metallic shadow palette consisting of ivory, slate and mushroom-esque hues. Paired with black liquid liner, black mascara and impeccably groomed brows, the look really came together with a fresh petal pink lip.

Of course, every woman deserves to look like a queen, so find the color scheme that complements your own unique crown jewels.

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