Unless you’ve been drinking 10 glasses of water per day, it’s likely that you’re hard-pressed to say you have naturally dewy skin.

“A beauty mirage, dewy skin is hard to achieve naturally, but, thankfully, easy to fake,” MakeupForLife.net blogger Phyllis Li told ELLE.com. Li used a cream highlighter to pull off the look, applying it to her cheekbones, browbones and the bridge of her nose.

To get fresh-faced makeup, you should follow suit and draw attention to the parts of your face that would normally protrude and reflect the light.

Li had it right when she used a cream highlighter. Products with reflective shimmering particles, such as ModelCo’s Luminosity, will serve this purpose all the better.

Of course, combining a highlighting product with a skin-brightening foundation will bring optimum results, as the face makeup will even out your imperfections while giving you an all-around radiant complexion. Use BORGHESE Splendore Brightening Makeup.

You may even be able to skip the blush altogether if you find a highlighting cream that offers a subtle hint of rosy color – GloMinerals gloHighlighter adds a radiant hint of light to the face.

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