Gone are the days of striving for the super matte, no shine look. Not that anyone us was ever able to achieve for longer than an hour. Thankfully, the latest skincare trend calls for super plump and juicy, glass-like glowing skin.

Glass skin is more focused on a skincare routine rather than layers of makeup. You don’t need to conceal your imperfections anymore. Transparent, clear, and luminous complexion can be achieved through a skincare routine that involves products that repair and renew your skin inside out.

Yes, it is absolutely achievable without filters and fillers. Today, we bring you our top skin care picks that will enhance your complexion and texture to make your skin glow like glass.

Pulse Skincare Cleansing Balm

Clear skin begins from cleansing from deep within. Pulse Skincare Cleansing Balm is an all-in-one cleanser that removes all kinds of impurities be it dirt, makeup, or oil. But it does that without leaving your skin excessively dry. It is rich in Vitamin-C, a natural antioxidant that will give you even tone and better texture. A magical concoction of essential oils hydrates your skin for a healthy natural glow. It is a bam that cleans, repairs, hydrates your skin.

Fresh Faced Skin Care Moisture Magnet Toner

Once your skin is free from all the impurities, it is time to use a toner to balance the pH and moisture levels of your skin. For glass skin, it is imperative to have a balanced pH level of your skin. It improves skin texture and tone, which keeps breakouts and blemishes away. And Fresh Faced Skin Care Moisture Magnet does much more. It penetrates deep into the skin to make a difference on a cellular level.

It is loaded with amino acids, panthenol, copper PCA and ingredients that don’t just hydrate your skin but also hold that moisture in. What it doesn’t have is drying ingredients like alcohols and toxins such as parabens.

la Parfait Deep Renewal Hyaluronic Acid

The real secret behind that glass-like glow is hydration. And there is hardly any ingredient more hydrating than hyaluronic acid. la Parfait Deep Renewal Hyaluronic Acid is a hydrating serum infused with high potency HA that restores your skin flexibility and moisture. Not only do you get soft and plump skin, but you also get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. It absorbs right into your skin to unveil fresh and younger-looking face.

Cosmessential Essential-C Vitamin C Facial Serum

Once you have replenished your moisture level with high potency hyaluronic acid, it is time to work some mineral magic into your skin. Cosmessenial Essential C serum gives you all the benefits of vitamin C, nature’s one of the most potent antioxidants. Vitamin C has unlimited benefits to offer.

Since it is an antioxidant, it will free your skin of toxins that acne and aging. It brings a bright glow to your skin while controlling the sebum.

Namaka LOLI – Rose Hydrator

Now it’s time to introduce another hydrator that packs the power of several ingredients including hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, vitamin E, vitamin C, AHA, and chamomile. We have already talked about the benefits of HA, the rest of the ingredients just enhance it tend folds.

Namaka LOLI Rose Hydrator is a perfect glass skin maker for those with severely dry skin. Now, you can achieve that ethereal glow and that smooth shine.

Earthy Skin Essentials Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Earthy Skin Essentials has captured the secret of youthful glow in this bottle of Prickly Pear Seed Oil. When it comes to essential oils, there is hardly any other that comes so close to this one. It repairs, it nourishes, it soothes.

From hyperpigmentation to fine lines, from open pores to sagging, regular use of the oil will help you fight all your skincare concerns. It is a perfect product for aging skin that has lost its texture, elasticity, and glow with time.

PINCTADA South Sea Pearl Serum

You want a glassy glow, why not pearly shine? Pinctada South Sea Pearl Serum gives you exactly that kind of rare and magical glow. Made from real South Sea Pearl sourced from Singapore’s pearl farms, this serum brings out the blinding shine from within. Pearl serum has a plethora of benefits to offer.

It works on a cellular level to stimulate cell rejuvenation and collagen production. It heals inflammation and cleans out deep-set impurities. All that comes from a rich blend of nearly 30 minerals hidden in Pearl powder.

Avalea 100% Squalane Oil

Our last, but still one of the top recommendations for glass-like skin is squalane. Squalane is a super-absorbent oil that is lightweight and free of side effects. It is a moisturizer that suits almost every skin type even the most sensitive skin that doesn’t take well to most ingredients.

If you are scared of trying heavy moisturizers, Avalea’s 100% Squalane Oil is all you need for immaculate glass skin.