Summertime means sweat – a lot of it. If you’re the kind of gal who breaks out in perspiration after walking up a flight of stairs during the dog days of summer, the thought of applying greasy sunscreen on top of your already fragile complexion might be less than appealing. Here’s how you can protect yourself from the sun without ruining your pretty, matte look.

First, start each morning by washing your face – even if you washed it the night before. Oil can build up on your skin during the night, and on a hot summer evening, you might even wake up a little sweaty. Washing your face with a gentle cleanser will clean out your pores and get you ready for the day.

Next, apply primer underneath your makeup to keep sweat from running your foundation. If sunscreen lotion will make your skin too shiny, opt for a foundation that includes a high SPF, so you can be protected all day long. When you’re finished, brush on a sheer powder to keep your makeup put and soak up any oil.

For touch ups during the day, carry around some inexpensive oil-absorbing sheets – or simply use a torn-apart piece of two-ply toilet paper. Blot it against your forehead, nose and cheeks to absorb excess sheen for a matte look as long as you need it.

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