Plumping lip glosses and lipsticks aren’t for everyone. Sometimes the ingredients are too irritating and can sting after application. However, it’s still possible to enhance the look of your lips by using a few strategic makeup products in places you wouldn’t normally think to add them.

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, a clear lip balm with plenty of shimmer should become your new best friend. Radiance Gloss is also a good option to try. Instead of slicking it all over your lips, you only need to apply it to a couple of key areas. For starters, use it to define your cupid’s bow. This is the slight curve between the peaks of your top lip.

Next, apply your regular lipstick with plenty of moisture. This will ensure that your lips reflect light instead of absorbing it, like a matte formula would do. Bioelements – LycoPlex Lipstick will do the job. Finally, pick up your shimmery balm again and use it to coat the center of your bottom lip. This will make your lips appear fuller and softer, without the sting of plumping ingredients.

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