Brazilian Wax – just the name is enough to transpire fear in many ladies. If you have never gotten it done before, you would not know that the fear is very real. Add DIY to the whole thing, and it gets scarier.

But if you are particular about getting rid of all the hair from pretty much everywhere, then Brazilian Wax is the one thing that can be your savior.

But getting the wax done from a salon can be expensive, which is why you should try it right at home, where it is cheaper, more convenient and can be done as many times a year as you wish.

So how can you go about doing your own Brazilian Wax? Here is a simple and easy to follow step-by-step guide for you.

STEP 1: Removing Dead Skin through Exfoliation

The very first step when it comes to waxing, bikini region, or otherwise, is to exfoliate. Experts suggest that you exfoliate a day before you wax. This way, dead skin, and cells will be wiped off, and any short hair that is under the skin will be lifted, making it easier to wax them off. You will notice that whenever you exfoliate before waxing, you get smoother and silkier skin.

One of the best exfoliators that we have found is Rinfrescante Sugar Body Scrub by Borghese. Infused with the goodness of coconut and Borage Sea Oils, this exfoliator is perfect to condition your skin and protect it from early aging. 

Also present in the formula is Vitamin E Acetate, which reduces free radicles on the skin. Your skin will feel refreshed and shiny once you have used this sugar body scrub. Be sure to exfoliate a few days after the wax so that chances of in-grown hair formation are reduced.

STEP 2: Cleaning Dirt and Grime

The next step after exfoliating that you should do before performing your DIY Brazilian Wax is cleansing. Why do you cleanse your skin? So that you can clear it from all kinds of excess oil, moisture, and grime. This is why you need to do it before waxing too; otherwise, you will never be able to reach the little hair, or your skin will be too slippery for the wax to stick to it.

There are two products that we absolutely love when it comes to cleansing the skin. The Maracuja Orange Clarifying Pre-Wax Spray is ideal as the pre-waxing spray as it not only clears the skin but also helps in opening pores and lifting the hair so that your wax strips can get a better grip.

Dermaglove’s Bye Bye Grime is another fantastic ultra-hydrating cleanser. Formulated with all-natural ingredients, this product cleans the skin without stripping away its natural oils. It is perfect for all skin types and penetrates deeply without irritating your skin. Since it also helps in opening pores, this multi-purpose product is perfect for pre and post waxing, shaving, and for makeup removal.

STEP 3: Getting Wax Ready!

Now comes the part where you actually begin the process of your bikini wax. Prepping the wax is an essential step of a Brazilian wax, mainly if you are new to DIY waxing. The process, of course, depends on the kind of wax you are using. If you have pre-prepared wax strips, the only thing you would need to do is warm them with your hands. If you have wax beans, you will need to melt them to the right temperature before using it.

Keep in mind that your wax should only be warm, not hot enough to burn. So test on your inner wrist before applying it to the bikini area.

If you plan on doing regular DIY Brazilian wax, then you can invest in a DIY waxer. One of the best waxers in the market these days is the Reusable Melting Pot by Waske. Using this is as easy as counting 1, 2, 3. You can pour in the wax beans, melt them, and wax away!



For wax, use the Grace & Stella Wax Beads. These chamomile-fragrance wax beans turn into liquid at heating that you can use to strip away all that annoying hair cleanly and smoothly. You will love the scent and the feel of this wax on all parts of your body!

STEP 4: The Right Way to Apply Wax

Different waxes are applied differently. But the one thing that remains the same is that you need to apply wax in the direction that your hair grows. Make sure you only apply a thin layer as too much wax would not be able to capture all the hair in one go.

STEP 5: Now the Pull!

This is the step where you are allowed to scream! The most important thing that you need to know is that you should not wax on the same area more than twice as it could damage the skin. So apply wax to small sections as stripping it off would become easier. If you keep the skin taut, it will cause you less pain.

Also, ensure that you pull the wax in the direction opposite to your hair growth. It will take some time if you are trying the first time, but with practice comes perfection!

STEP 6: Wax Care for Nether Regions (Bikini Wax Care)

When you have stripped the entire area of hair and are satisfied with your cleaning, time to pamper your skin. Wipe off all the wax residues with an oil-based product so that no wax is left clinging to your skin.

Smooth Operator Multi-Use Healing Mist by Half Hippy is a soothing mist that calms your skin and gives it a sense of freshness. It also helps in reducing in-growth hair production.

STEP 7: Looking After Your Skin after Waxing

Once you are through with bikini wax, make sure you don’t exfoliate or use any kind of cleansing gel, or other sensitive washes. Your skin is pretty delicate with all that pulling, and you don’t want to cause any sort of reaction. Give it time to calm and get soothed.


Be sure to apply a post-waxing cooling cream such as Balmond Skincare Cooling Cream, which is ideal for calming waxed or shaved skin, as well as hot, itchy, and inflamed skin. With ingredients like cool menthol, soothing aloe vera gel, and calming lavender essential oil,  this cream doesn’t just relieve inflammation; it also helps in preventing the formation of ingrown hair.

STEP 8: Revel in the Silky Satiny Skin

The feel of your skin after getting is waxed is one that is almost worth all the pain. The best part is that unlike shaving, waxing lasts a lot longer without having to worry about any hair growth.

Try this easy DIY Brazilian Wax and see whether this is the new routine you want to adopt.