Braids are everywhere lately, which means if you’ve been rocking the trend for ages, you’re probably feeling a little bored. However, a fishtail braid could be just the style you’re looking for. It’s not too far from the regular version and it’s classy enough to be seen on runways worldwide, so why not give it a try? Here’s how to do it yourself, according to Allure magazine.

1. Use a styling cream on your dry hair, like Leonor Greyl – Eclat Naturel (Styling cream for dry hair). Work it through to your ends with your hands rather than a comb to get a more natural, ropey look.

2. Separate the section you want to braid into two pieces (unlike a regular braid, which uses three).

3. Use your fingers to pull a half-inch section from underneath the right side and pull it over across to the left side, then repeat going the opposite way. If pieces fall out, it’s okay because the style is meant to be a bit messy.

4. Continue down to the ends of your hair, then secure with an elastic. Pull the braid a little bit to loosen it up, then spritz on a product like Conditioning Shea Spray for a little extra shine. Easier than you thought, right?

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