Creamy makeup formulas have a lot to offer. They provide good coverage and bold hues, so they’re perfect when you want to add a little extra punch to your makeup routine. However, with so much blendable color, it’s easy to go wrong. Here’s how Marie Claire magazine recommends handling the following types of cream makeup.

1. Creamy pots of lip color. Lip products like Too Faced – Candy Box should be applied with a lip brush. This is not only more sanitary, but it saves you from using too much and offers a more precise application.

2. Eyeshadows. Creamy color should be labeled crease-proof to prevent smudging and followed up with powder for a long-lasting look that will stay put.

3. Blush. Creamy blush looks dewy and natural, so it’s a good choice if you decide to wear just one creamy shade. Just be sure to take plenty of time to blend, and avoid rubbing the color into your cheeks too much.

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