Winter is almost here, which means cold and flu season is on its way as well. While many people prepare for the season by purchasing cough drops and tissues, glamour girls may be more inclined to stock up on beauty supplies to keep them looking great no matter how sick they feel.

The biggest sign you’re feeling under the weather is puffy, red eyes. With the right makeup, however, you can fake a wide-eye look.

Makeup artist Tina Turnbow told that women should line the inner rim of their eyes with a light-colored pencil to eliminate redness and apply a matte peachy shadow to their lids. Follow with multiple coats of mascara to open up your peepers.

Between the cold, dry air and the constant sneezing, your nose is bound to get irritated. Luckily, this is easy to hide.

“Any yellow-based concealer or powder is the best option to counteract and camouflage redness,” Turnbow told the news source. Avoid using powder on dry skin, as the product makes scaly patches more noticeable.

Finally, enliven your sallow complexion with a sheer, warm-toned blush – the hint of color will create a healthy glow.