There’s nothing sexy about swiping on lipstick while you’re in line at the bank or checking your eyeshadow in the rear view mirror. Remember those days when women used to take the time to put on their face in the morning while sitting down at a vanity? The seemed a lot more in love with their makeup. If you want the same thing, here are a couple of ideas, courtesy of Allure magazine.

Set yourself up with your very own vanity. Even if it’s just a decorative mirror above a shelf in your bedroom, it will be a special place for you to go through your makeup routine. Add a few pretty elements, like flowers or a couple of vintage pictures, then make sure your beauty products are all displayed attractively and within reach.

A beauty kit like POP Beauty – Hello Gorgeous will ensure your stuff is all organized and in one place, while POP Beauty – Sara`s Beauty Cabinet is another cute idea that will look adorable on your vanity. Pull up a comfy chair in the morning and take a bit more time to get ready. You’ll feel a lot better about the process.

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