You don’t have to be a sports superstar to get athlete’s foot. The infection, caused by a fungus, thrives in warm, moist areas. Athlete’s foot is contagious and can be passed on by direct contact with someone who has the infection or contact with something with the fungus growing on it, like a shower floor. Believe it or not, the fungus can grow not only on your toes and heels, but on your fingers and palms.

Your risk for getting athlete’s foot increases if you wear closed shoes that make your feet sweat a lot, recently exposed your feet to moisture for a long time or developed a minor surface injury on your foot. To prevent catching the fungus, wear sandals at public pools and showers, keep your feet dry as much as possible and choose shoes that are well-ventilated. Remember – a product like BABOR – Feetness Refreshing Bath used daily can prevent infection. Follow it up with AHAVA – Deadsea Water Mineral Foot Cream and your tootsies are bound to feel amazing!

If you notice any cracked, peeling skin in between your toes or on the sides of your foot, or experience red, itchy skin, pain or blistering, take measures to control the infection. It won’t be long before you and your lower extremities are back to normal.

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