Have you ever spent a painstakingly long amount of time doing your manicure, only to discover half an hour later that little bubbles are erupting underneath your meticulous layers of polish? There’s nothing more annoying! However, with the right products and tips, you should be able to get rid of those pesky air pockets for good. Here’s how.

First, it’s important to make sure you’re using polish that’s new, as they tend to be thinner and less likely to bubble. Toss out those old bottles and grab a few colors from Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers.

Before you start painting, make sure that you’re in an area without lots of wind or humidity. Heat and blasts of air can make the polish bubble up. It’s also important that your nails are perfectly clean of oil or dirt, so use a swipe of Nail Color Remover before your polish.

Roll (never shake) the bottle of polish to ensure that no air bubbles are present, then begin painting thin layers of polish. Try to stick to three swipes down the middle and sides of each nail to avoid pushing air into the polish with the brush. Wait for each coat to dry completely before the next. You should wind up with a bubble-free mani!

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