Are you looking for a little eye makeup inspiration this summer? While smoky eyes and dark shadows are always full of drama, the warmer weather calls for lighter applications and shimmery finishes. If you don’t have any ideas, why not steal the look that Charlize Theron showed up on the red carpet with recently?

According to Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog, Charlize’s makeup had a couple of different important elements. First, she used a gray eyeliner to line just the outer halves of her lids.

Then, Charlize used a peachy eyeshadow to shade her creases, blending it a bit past her brow bone for a flattering shot of dimension and depth. On her lids and inner corners, she chose a shimmery pink shadow, like BABOR – Eye Shadow in Shell, which illuminated her eyes and gave her whole look an ethereal vibe.

She topped it off with plenty of black mascara, taking extra care to wiggle it down close to the roots of her lashes for extra volume. When paired with a peachy-pink blush and light pink, shiny lips, this look is sure to become one of your summer favorites.

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