Baroque-inspired fashions are a big trend this fall, and there’s no reason why you can’t translate them to your makeup looks. In fact, Baroque makeup would be the perfect complement to any new Baroque clothing items you pick up!

The Baroque period began in the early 1600s and was characterized by rich, luxurious details like gilded gold objects and plush velvety materials. The Beauty Department created a fabulous Baroque lip that takes both of these characteristics into consideration.

You’ll only need three products for this look: a lip liner like Liptini – Mixer Lip Pencils – Cream, a rich burgundy lipstick and a gold cream eyeshadow like GloMinerals – gloReflection Cream Eye Shadow in Gilded Bronze.

Apply the lip liner on your lips, being careful to trace the exact shape without going outside of your natural lip line. Then use the liner to fill in your pout – this will provide a good base for the lipstick.

Smooth on a coat of the lipstick, then use your finger to pick up some of the gold eyeshadow. Press it onto the center of your bottom lip, then add a smaller amount to the center of your top lip. Done!

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