Some of us walk a fine line between a bed-head look that’s all the rage and a legit, just-out-of-bed, rumpled mane that may or may not have creatures nesting in it. To make sure you get the look you really want, here’s some advice for creating an expertly-crafted rocker ‘do.

To start, suggests spraying your damp hair with volumizer before breaking out the blow-dryer.

Instead of pulling hair down straight from roots to ends, however, “wind it loosely around the barrel of a round brush and hit it with a blow-dryer to get a bit of bend,” the news source advises. “Then, for volume, spritz dry shampoo onto roots after you blow-dry.” Wondering what a dry shampoo is? Check out CLEAN Original Dry Shampoo, which is designed to absorb excess oil from your hair between washes

Remember, the key here is care-free strategy, so strive hard to create imperfections. Tousling your hair with your hands is the perfect way to finish off your look – all you’ll need is a bit of hairspray to set you straight.

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