Picture your favorite blush, which you’ve had for a while and simply can’t live without. The stuff makes your face look so fresh and awake! Now imagine that you’re desperately in need of a quick pick-me-up, so you rummage around for it in your makeup bag and pull it out, only to drop it into the sink or onto the floor. Most packages don’t protect it from getting broken, so you’re left with a sad pile of blush chunks.

Before you tear up a bit and end up throwing it out, know that it can be saved! A blush like Youngblood – Pressed Mineral Blush simply needs to be crushed up a bit. Transfer the pieces into a container and use a spoon to mash up the pieces. Try to get the powder as fine as possible. Mix in a translucent face powder with a hint of shimmer, like GloMinerals – gloDust 24K. This will ensure you don’t get too much blush on your brush at once.

Put everything into a smaller makeup container that you can store in your bag. You can buy these at beauty supply stores for cheap. Now you have a loose powder blush with a hint of shimmer that’s still just as flattering – and you didn’t have to buy a new compact!

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