Many women rely on foundation for creating a smooth, even surface for the rest of their makeup to sit on, but what happens when that foundation melts off? Summer heat can quickly transform your face into a messy oil slick, and oftentimes your foundation can’t hold up to high temperatures. However, there is one type of foundation that can combat sweat, humidity and oil.

According to Allure Magazine, silicone-based foundations are perfect for summer because they don’t give up when it’s hot out. They’re also lightweight, which means you won’t feel like you have an extra layer on your skin, and they create a barrier that prevents the makeup from melting into your face or sliding right off.

For the best smudge-proof foundation application, start with a silicone-based primer. It’ll add extra illumination to boot, so you’ll have a pretty glow underneath. Then smooth on a foundation like Paula Dorf – Foundation Oil Free – Kola, which gives the illusion of airbrushed skin as soon as you put it on. Set with a bit of powder for extra shine-zapping power and you’re good to go!

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