If you’ve been wanting to try something other than black liquid eyeliner around your peepers but you don’t know where to begin, why not inject a little color into your routine? Specifically, blue eyeliner can help make your eyes appear larger and more intriguing, according to RealBeauty.com.

There are a few ways you can utilize blue eyeliner for the first time and make it look like you’ve already mastered the technique. First, be sure to experiment with various shades of the color beforehand. This means trying different blue eyeliners until you find one that complements your skin tone.

As a rule of thumb, StyleUnited.com recommends going natural on the rest of your face if you choose to use a bright blue. The bolder the color, the less you should use on your cheeks, lids and lips. For instance, a nude lipstick can allow your peepers to speak for themselves.

Finally, don’t forget to give your lashes the attention they deserve as you line your eyes. Dramatic, dark eyelashes can be a great way to pull your entire look together. Look for a volumizing formula to truly make your peepers stand out.

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