The bottom lashes are a tricky subject in the beauty world. You want them to look thick and dark like your upper lashes, but they shouldn’t be too long or clumpy – otherwise you risk making them seem heavy and unbalanced. It’s tough to get the right application with a mascara wand – luckily The Beauty Department has a better idea.

All you need is your regular mascara and a lip brush. Take out the mascara wand and rub it a bit on the back of your hand so you have a small amount of product there. Now load up the lip brush with the mascara.

Use the brush to paint on the mascara, starting at the roots of your lower lashes. Take your time covering each lash from root to tip, and work the mascara in between the lashes as much as possible.

Not only will you get the perfect amount of product on each individual lash, but you’ll darken your lash line, making eyeliner unnecessary. This is perfect for when you want a fresh face using only a couple of makeup items.

After you’re done, clean your lip brush with a Brush Cleaner so it’s as good as new!

Image Credit: Bloglovin