While the popularity of some beauty trends’ regularly rise and fall, there is one look that we were sure wasn’t going to be seen after the ’80s – frosted makeup. The silver-toned colors that were once all the rage seemed to fade away with aerosol hairspray and teased bangs.

But judging by Jennifer Nettles’ makeup at the 44th Annual Country Music Association Awards, the look may not be as forgotten as we thought. The Sugarland singer sported icy blue eyeshadow on her upper and lower lids, and paired the powder with an equally frosty light pink lipstick.

While we must admit that the makeup did match her gown, we’re not completely sold on the pastel palette. The colors aged the 36-year-old beauty, who looked like she had gotten into her grandmother’s cosmetics case.

Perhaps if Nettles had chosen to don frosted makeup on one feature, as opposed to all over her face, she would have looked a bit more current. A frosted lip can look sultry when paired with a strong, smoky eye, and a red lip can enliven a silver-toned shadow.

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