Sunscreen is essential – we all know that. But did you ever stop at assuming that your suntan lotion could only serve one all-important purpose? In 2011, it’s entirely possible to reimagine the scope of what your sunscreen can do. suggests reaching for a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen (this implies that it protects against UVA as well as UVB rays – uber-important) – all the better if it comes with such healthful antioxidants such as green tea, coffeeberry and vitamins A and C.

“You know how at Jamba Juice they ask you if you want an extra boost? Well, antioxidants are like the extra boost of protection,” Dr. Ranella Hirsch told the news source.

On a similar note, many skincare products are now offering all-in-one protection, moisturization and anti-aging properties. Finding a product that can do it all will not only save you time in the morning, but it’ll reduce the amount of stuff you put on your face.

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