In a new bit of beauty insight, Jessica Biel went against the grain of conventional wisdom by telling us all that one shade of eyebrow makeup is actually plenty.

“A gray color works for anybody’s eyebrows,” Biel told “And it doesn’t turn your eyebrows orange…I was tipped off by a makeup artist that gray works for blonds, for brunettes, for redheads.”

This runs counter to anything we’ve grown up with, but we’re willing to give the benefit of the doubt to someone as amazingly gorgeous as Jessica Biel. Come to think of it, gray eye shadow is a great go-to fix if you’re in a bind and need to fill in those brows right quick.

For those of you who like to come a bit more prepared, try an eyebrow palette or pencil that’s designed to match your hair color. For added boldness, don’t be afraid to try a shade that’s a bit darker than you normally would – most people’s brows are a bit darker than their actual hair.

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  1. This is just silly. Gray will work on some people, but certainly not everyone. And for the record, not everyone has white skin, so gray would look completely ridiculous on most tan to brown women. Celebrities should stick to what they do and leave makeup to makeup artists.

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