If you’ve been looking for ways to amp up your beauty routine this spring and summer, the most reliable way to do it is with bright shades of makeup. While candy-colored pouts and cheeks are certainly in, it’s the eyes that will really pop in vibrant hues. Aside from rich eyeshadows, jewel-toned eyeliners are also great choices.

To start out small, try using a liquid eyeliner along your upper lash line. It will give you a pop of color that’s more traditional than any other application, and that’s all you really need for a chic makeup look. Pair it with nude lips and peachy-pink cheeks to ensure that your eyes are the main focus.

Once you’ve mastered that, turn up the daring dial and use the liquid eyeliner on your lower lash lines instead of the upper ones. This is a trendy, fashion-forward take on the trend that many celebrities and models have incorporated into their appearances. You can use black liner along your upper lash line, then do a thin line of color on the bottom. Totally unexpected, but definitely cool!

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