This spring, reach for anything that looks good enough to eat. Ripe, juicy lip colors are the new thing come first thaw, though ladies who are desperate for a balmier clime can certainly preempt the trend – the winter-weary will thank you for it.

The best part about this style is you can use your personal preference to decide how you’ll look.

Are you craving a peach drink, or do you drool at the thought of a nectarine in your mouth? Slick on being TRUE Cosmetics Satin Lip Shine in Glamorous. Perhaps your idea of a tasty beverage involves strawberries or raspberries – if that’s the case, reach for Youngblood Lip Gloss in Allure or Tantalize.

Those who are craving a punch of purple passion will easily quench their thirsts upon using GloMinerals gloGloss in Lilac Luster.

Whatever flavor speaks to you this spring, you’ll want to reach for any potent pop of color you can find, and be generous with the shine.

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