There’s nothing worse than spending a good amount of time curling your hair only to have it all return to it’s natural straightness within a few hours. If you have hair that just doesn’t seem to want to hold a curl – get those tresses to cooperate. Here’s how, according to Glamour magazine.

Use a volumizing product all over your hair before you blowdry. Although you want the most lift at your roots, these products contain proteins which help your hair hold its shape. Try using Leonor Greyl – Condition Naturelle (Protects, untangles & adds volumn while blowdrying), which will protect your hair from the heat and provide hold for your styling.

If you have fine hair, beware of using products that are too heavy. If your locks are weighed down by a creamy, rich product, there’s no way they’ll be able to remain bouncy and curled. Gentle Hold Hair Spray should help you freeze those curls in place without adding extra weight.

When you’re styling, use a round brush to twist strands of hair into spirals, then use a curling iron to reinforce it once the hair has cooled.

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