Grooming one’s brows is an important part of creating an overall great look, but many women may not know that they should sculpt their brows according to their face shape. Luckily, released some insider tips to help women find their most flattering arches.

Women with a round face should aim to frame their visage with thicker, more angular brows to de-emphasize fullness and provide balance. But, when crafting the perfect arch, beware of over-plucking – a too-tweezed brow does not give the appearance of a thinner face!

Those with a heart or square-shape should opt for a different approach. Because their faces already boast exquisite angles, ladies should create softer, more delicate brows.

Finally, girls with oval faces have a bit more freedom, as they can pull off medium or full brows and prominent arches, but should remember to pluck evenly to maintain symmetry.

The right tools can make creating perfect brows a breeze, and products from Tweezerman will help you to pluck perfectly. Tweezerman Slant Tweezers are angled to provide a comfortable grip, but those with finer hairs may prefer the Point Tweezers for increased accuracy.

To craft the perfect shape, Tweezerman Facial Hair Scissors can be used to precisely trim longer hairs.ADNFCR-3538-ID-19895261-ADNFCR

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