Lisa Loeb, the talented singer, author and eyewear designer, is pregnant with her second child with husband Roey Hershkovitz. Although she’s due this month, we managed to get her answers to a few beauty related questions we have about pregnancy. Here’s what she had to say!

Congrats on the pregnancy! How have you been feeling?

I’ve been feeling pretty good, although now I’m in the 9th month, which I didn’t experience with my first child. I had my healthy daughter three and a half weeks early, so I haven’t experienced having such a large baby inside of my [belly], dropping lower and lower! I feel lucky to have been able to maintain my physical balance and basic agility too! Of course, I’m pretty tired, and have to take naps. [I] often wish I’d gone to sleep earlier than I do.

You’ve been glowing on the red carpet recently. Did you stick to a specific skin regimen these past eight months, and if so, did it differ from before your pregnancy?

My skin regimen has basically stayed the same – daily sunscreen on my face and body, with a little bottle of sunscreen in the car to constantly reapply to my hands and arms in this California sun, especially with all the hand washing. I’ve used Yon-Ka products for years – a creamy cleanser, an alcohol-free toner, daytime moisturizer, nighttime moisturizer and a few special moisturizers. Oh, and I also use Yon-Ka Gommage, which is a light facial peel done at home – and a mud masque, which I do once a week at home. I had a pregnancy facial once by Renee Rouleau – they say that pregnancy can change my skin, so I’m trying a few other products to soothe the skin and to exfoliate at home. I think rest and water help a lot too, [as well as] putting on makeup (but not too much). Having good lighting on the red carpet is always a plus!

Have you altered your makeup routine during this pregnancy? If so, how?

My makeup’s pretty much the same, but as I get older, I tend to wear less makeup, which actually looks more youthful. Daily, if I use makeup at all, which I try to, since it does make a difference in how I feel and how awake I look, I wear mascara, a tiny bit of eyeliner on the outside of the upper lid, a little eyebrow definer, a little cover-up under the eyes and on my nose, a little bit of translucent powder, pinkish blush and lip liner and lipstick or lip gloss. It’s actually pretty minimal and I can put it on in under seven minutes. For those red carpets, I wear more of the usual and then add more liner, bottom lash mascara and always false eyelashes – either a half band up top or individuals. It really opens up the eyes!

What advice would you give to moms-to-be who want to feel beautiful while expecting, but don’t exactly have the energy to spend more than a few minutes prepping each morning?

Get enough sleep! Get dressed when you wake up. Moisturize with a sunscreen moisturizer, do some kind of gentle exfoliation weekly, keep your brows well-shaped and your haircut and color in good shape. Some of these things you can do once every six weeks or so, and [they] make a huge difference. Also, buy clothes that fit you. I was wearing clothes from my first pregnancy and hand-me-downs from friends and family, but a couple of new, properly-fitting maternity shirts, shorts, leggings, bras, a nice sweater and a couple of casual dresses that can be dressed up with something as simple as a sparkly bracelet make life so much better.

What’s your #1 pregnancy beauty tip?

Sleep and keep moving!

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