The same old color pairings can get a bit monotonous. How many ways can you mix up brown and pink, gray and taupe or black and blue, anyway? If you’re down for trying out a few bolder shades every now and then, like purple, orange, turquoise or green, you’re likely cool with experimenting with your makeup’s color palette.

Want to know one hot new hue pairing that’s dying to make its way onto your face? Aqua and peach! Glamour Magazine spotted the look at the Malaikaraiss runway show during Berlin Fashion Week, and it’s one of the few runway makeup combinations that’s actually doable in real life.

Choose a peach shade for your lips and cheeks to start out. You could use two different products, but it might save you a bit of time and decision-making by opting for a stain. Then use a pretty aqua eyeshadow. Be sure to blend well into your crease for a subtle, smoky effect.

Image Credit: Bridal Musings

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