While an evening in with your man is always something to look forward to – especially if you have a good flick in mind and plenty of opportunities for snuggling – you know how much you appreciate a good night out.

Whether it’s at a classy show in town or the trendiest local restaurant, you want to look like you tried a little harder to get ready for the occasion (even if you didn’t). Next time you’re gearing up for a more sophisticated date, consider this makeup look, as inspired by Glamour magazine.

Instead of your go-to lip gloss, try out a bold red lipstick. BABOR – Classic Lip Color has plenty of deep red shades to give your lips a touch of siren glam. Keep it relatively matte so you don’t have to worry about smudging gloss on your champagne glass or on your man’s cheek!

For the eyes, skip the harsh black eyeliner and go for something a little softer. A coppery shade would work perfectly, especially to complement the red shade on your lips. Jane Iredale – Cream to Powder Eye Liner looks soft and adds a hint of shimmer, which is just what you need for a memorable outing.

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