Even though makeup comes in a rainbow of varieties, it may not always feel as though we have that many choices as to which features we wish to emphasize. Do up your eyes, or go for a bold lip – never both, but still, these are only two routes to choose from.

Shy of playing up either of these features? Perhaps the right thing for you to do is to continue blushing – by letting your cheeks take center stage, of course.

“If you’re not crazy about following trends but still want to freshen up your makeup look for spring, upgrading your blush alone is a simple way to transition your entire look,” StyleList.com suggests. “Go for a warmer, peachier hue applied to the apples of the cheeks to rev up your complexion and bring the focus to your eyes.”

Since the rest of your makeup is staying fairly minimal, don’t be afraid to go for a slightly brighter shade than usual. A cream blush can help take your look from flat to exceptional, especially for those days when you just want a bit of a dewier finish.

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