Getting older doesn’t always just mean choosing different skin care products and turning a mindful eye toward which ingredients are in your cosmetics. The way you put on your makeup also invariably changes, as the same metallic eyeshadow that flattered you so well in your 20s might not be your best beauty staple as you progress into your more mature years.

“Heavy makeup on a mature face will accentuate the wrinkles and dark circles, creating an exhausted look,” explains.

According to the news source, ladies over 50 look best in light foundation (using a primer before application can help even out your skin’s tone and texture). Opting for natural shades of blush will suit most women best.

Meanwhile, eyeliner should be light and applied only to the top lash line, and dark shadows should be tossed in favor of translucent, highlighting pigments applied to the inner corners of the eye. It’s good practice to fill in sparse brows when needed, and mascara should scarcely be skipped. Many older women can also benefit from bright lipsticks, though soft hues that match your natural coloring are always a safe bet.

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