Like summer romances, makeup hardly has a tendency to stick around for long in the sweltering heat. We can’t promise to offer you any advice as far as the former category is concerned, but when it comes to makeup, there are definite strategies you can employ to help your face stay fresher for longer.

According to, makeup artist Jackie Gomez uses her stage makeup know-how (for the likes of Beyonce) to recommend a few basic melt-proof tips: rather than use your standard foundation, switch to a combination of primer and tinted moisturizer. The primer helps even out skin’s texture while preventing sweat from getting out of control, while tinted moisturizer acts as a lighter alternative that’s less likely to run down your face.

While you’re at it, see what an eyeshadow primer will do for your eye makeup. Shadows and liners are among the most susceptible products to smear in the summer heat, so do your lids a favor and get that base coat on.

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