Not all celebrities have hairstyles that are easy to copy, but that’s not the case with Maria Menounos. She’s been known to keep her hair simple yet totally chic, which is great news for those looking for an easy upgrade.

Glamour magazine’s beauty blog spotted Menounos working a clipped-back bangs look on set that was totally wearable and definitely cute. They key is to twist the section back, then pin it from the back to the front to give a bit of added height.

You should blowdry your hair straight using Leonor Greyl – Condition Naturelle, which will add plenty of volume. Then, part your hair slightly to the side and grab a bobby pin to keep on-hand. Twist the front section of your side-swept bangs back to the side of your head, then slide the pin in from the back. Finish it off with a bit of Gentle Hold Hair Spray and you’ll have a cute look that will last all day.

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