An all-natural, healthy look took over the Spring 2012 runway. Barely there makeup, nude nails and no-fuss hair complemented sporty, clean styles – making en vogue fashion much more accessible for everyone.

A simple face calls for a tinted moisturizer or soft powder concealer, like BABOR – Perfect Finish Foundation. A little brown eyeliner and a touch of mascara are all you need for a pretty yet subtle visage.

For hair, try air-drying to give yourself a break from blow dryers. Work in a texturizing cream like Baxter of California – Clay Pomade and twist and scrunch every now and then for a messy, slept-in vibe.

Use a light, creamy nail polish that’s either nude, white or slighty pink. Prep your nails by soaking your hands in warm water before applying moisturizer. Push back your cuticles and shape nails with a file before using a bit of nail polish to wipe nails clean. To avoid a streaky paint job, apply two or three light coats, letting each one dry before the next. Finish with a top coat for a shiny effect or use a matte finish.

You’ll look clean and fresh by wearing a sporty outfit with these hair and makeup tips. No one will have to know how easy it was!

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