Nail contouring – believe it or not, it’s a thing. Just the way you use products to define your cheeks, give your face some definition, nail contouring helps you make your hands look better – younger, tanner and all set for Instagram modeling.

Excited, yet?

Read ahead to see how to do your manicures to achieve better looking hands and what colors to use for each kind of skin tone. You can thank us in your Instagram photos later.

How to Make Your Hands Look More Bronzed

Colors like orange, yellow, greens and in some cases, pastel colors that are opaque make your hands appear darker than they are – which is all what we want when the sun abandons us next season.

If you have fair skin tone, a deep green nail, Butter London – Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer – Across The Pond, is your best bet.

For those with medium skin tone, a bright coral pink with blue undertones, Londontown – Weekend Cheers is the way to go.

Olive skin tones will benefit from ultra bright blood orange colors like Londontown – Picadilly Square.

Those with dark skin tone, a pastel lemon yellow color, Butter London – Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer – Lemon Drop, will help your hands look more tan.

How to Make Your Hands Look Younger

Like your eyes, your hands can easily give away your age. Wrinkles, sallow yellow skin and age spots are the few things that you need to divert attention from.

Avoid grey colored and neon colored nail colors that will bring out the grey and yellow in your skin respectively. Instead opt for warm toned nail colors to make your hands appear brighter and younger.

If you have fair skin, go for a soft pastel pink like NCLA – Taurus.

if your skin more medium toned, opt for a beaming yet understated peach orange shade like Deborah Lippmann – Island In The Sun.

Olive skin beauties should go for the same orange but in a more fiery, vibrant option like the stunning Londontown – Windsor Garden.

Those with dark skin, a poppy blue shade similar to Deborah Lippmann – Blue Skies will help your hand look more fresh and youthful.

How to Make Your Nail Beds Look Bigger

Light colors reflect light and give the appearance of a bigger and more prominent area. Like the concept of highlighting. You highlight the parts that you want to accentuate.

Similarly, using whites and pastels give the appearance of bigger nail beds. This especially comes in handy if you are not fan of very long nails but you still need your nails to appear long and groomed to perfection.

If you have fair skin, a blush pink shade like Deborah Lippmann – Love at First Sight will help you give an illusion of a longer nail bed.

For those with medium skin tone, an off-white cream shade similar to Londontown – Chelsea Porcelain will help make nails looks longer.

On the other hand, if you have olive skin, a more beige cream shade, like NCLA – Cancer, will be a better bet for nails that appear longer.

A nude shade but more suited for dark skin, something like Deborah Lippmann – Totally Nude, will be more suitable for those with deeper skin tones.

How to Make Your Nail Beds Look Smaller

Since light pastel colors make nails appear longer, naturally to make them appear smaller you need to wear dark colors that absorb light but still complement your skin tone.

For example, fair skin beauties should opt for bold and brilliant hues like electric blues, like the gorgeous shade by Londontown – Beau of The City.

For those with medium skin tone, pick a more dark shade of blue, something like the dark and dim black blue by Deborah Lippmann – I Knew You Were Trouble.

Staying in the same dark hues, but a totally different color option, olive skin gals should choose a blackberry red that’s more black than red, NCLA – Bianca, to complement their skin tone.

If your skin is even deeper in color, opt for the same dark tone but in the shades of green like this teal green color, Londontown – Chivvy Along.

How to Make Your Hands Look Slim

Just like you wear nude heels to draw attention elsewhere but your feet and create the illusion of height, wearing subtle nude nails will help your fingers appear slim and long, by making your nails look just like an extension of your fingers.

Fair skin tones will best benefit from pale flesh pink shades like Londontown – Bespoked.

Medium skin ladies should pick barely there neutral beige colors like Londontown – Teatime.

If you have Olive skin tone, choose an elegant yet glamorous shade of beige with pink undertones, something similar to Londontown – Murray Me.

Those with dark skin tones, opt for a  sable nude color like the Deborah Lippmann – Skin Deep to help your fingers look long and hands slim.