Between products that are designed especially for your face and skincare treatments made for the body, it’s easy to forget your neck and decollete region. This, in fact, may be one of the biggest beauty mistakes women can make, according to

“These areas are almost always exposed, and yet they rarely receive same level of hydration and sun protection as the face,” Los Angeles dermatologist Howard Fein told the news source. “But the skin there is more delicate and just as vulnerable to photoaging.”

Beyond applying your normal face products to your neck and chest region, there are other steps that women can take. Reaching for a product that’s developed to treat this area of your body can help address the unique needs of your decolletage.

Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion is specially designed to help you achieve uniform texture and skin tone around your neck and chest area. The formula contains retinol and arnica to help reduce redness and create soft, balanced skin around your most delicate parts.

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