While being prepared for whatever life throws your way is always a great idea, it’s not always possible. Sometimes, you might find yourself in a situation where you don’t have the tools necessary for fixing a problem – especially those that are beauty related. Fortunately, there are a few strange but useful tips that you can take advantage of next time you’re in a makeup or skincare crisis.

1. Mask visible roots with a dark-colored mascara, recommends Cosmopolitan Magazine. If you noticed that your dark hair is starting to show its lighter roots, but you don’t have time to head to a salon to get it redone, just grab a tube of mascara that matches your hair color (black or brown) and swipe it over the area. Problem solved!

2. Blowdry your lash curler. Sure, it doesn’t need drying, but if you’re struggling to get a lasting curl in your lashes, ABC News suggests blasting your curling iron with the blowdryer for a bit. The hot metal will open up your lash cuticles, creating a lasting curl.

3. Soak nails in denture cleaner. If you have an elderly relative and tend to wear lots of dark nail polish, you can remove yellow stains after taking the polish off by soaking your hands or toes in denture cleaner, reports MSN Living. It’ll get rid of those stains just like it brightens your grandma’s falsies!

4. Use soda to de-clump your mascara. After a couple months of frequent use, some mascaras can get a bit dried out. You should toss mascara that’s older than a few months, but if it’s nearing it’s expiration date, you can make it last it until then. If you add a drop of soda, ABC points out that the syrup in the soft drink will add just enough moisture to the formula without making it watery and ineffective. Just make sure you throw it out when its time is up.

5. Paint your nails nude when you’re going on vacation. If you’re traveling somewhere where a polish touch-up wouldn’t be possible, paint your nails with nude nail polish that matches your skin tone. Your fingers will look lean and long, and those inevitable chips won’t look as obvious as they would if your digits were painted red or another bright color.

6. Rely on hand or body lotion to tame flyaways. A rich creamy lotion can help to smooth down hair that’s acting up from humidity or high temperatures. Just apply the lotion to your hands as usual, then run them over the surface of your ‘do. It’ll give control without weighing your hair down.

7. Use toilet seat covers as blotting papers. It sounds pretty weird, but the toilet seat covers that public restrooms keep in stock are great at soaking up excess oil on your face without smudging your makeup. Totally useful when you’re out at a bar or restaurant!

8. Add volume to limp tresses with sugar. Obviously, a great volumizing hair whip is preferable when you need a boost, but if you don’t have one on hand, a mix of sugar and water can help give thickness to your strands. Just add two packets into about 20 ounces of water, then spray it on, suggests MSN.

9. Put deodorant on your face. If it’s super hot and you’re sick of sweat ruining your makeup, put on a bit of deodorant on the areas of your face that sweat the most, recommends Cosmopolitan. While it’s not good to use every day, it works to stop sweating when you’re in a bind.

Image Credit: makeupandbeauty.com

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