Olivia Wilde’s outfits and makeup looks are the definition of chic – it’s hard to pinpoint a time when this gal didn’t look downright fabulous. And at the recent premiere of Butter, Olivia showed up with a hairstyle that Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog predicts will be super trendy this fall. What was it? A row of stacked buns.

Stacked buns aren’t that new – Heidi Klum and other celebrities have been experimenting with them for a while now – but Olivia’s were super fresh. They were loosely twisted into romantic coils that gave her a somewhat Victorian look, which is the perfect effect for fall.

So how do you get it yourself? Start by prepping your hair with a shine spray like Hamadi – Shea Spray. Part your hair where you normally part it, then begin gathering your hair into four sections, starting at the crown of your head. Use clips to hold the different sections in place.

Begin with the top section, twisting the strands into a loose bun and pinning it in place with bobby pins. Then make your way down to the very last section, keeping the buns relatively uniform (but not perfect).

Finish with a generous mist of Fekkai – Sheer Hold Spray and you’ll be as glam as Olivia!