Ladies with hooded eyelids often wonder how they can make their eyelids look bigger. If the majority of your lids aren’t visible when your eyes are open, you’re in luck because it’s not hard to create a flattering illusion to make your lid look bigger and your crease seem higher!

According to The Beauty Department, all it takes is two different colors of eyeshadow – even if you’re relying on one particular color to make a statement. Use a compact with shades that complement each other, or opt to go bold with two different colors entirely.

What you’ll need to do is apply one color across your lids and your creases, blending well. Then take the second color and make your own crease line on top of this – not where your actual creases are. It should be well-blended to ensure that it looks like a natural shadow, not just a line drawn on over the crease.

From there, you can use your favorite eyeliner as usual, as well as your regular mascara. Simple, right?

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