You probably know by now that purple is one of the most universally flattering colors, but have you figured out how to wear it yet? If you’re still stuck trying to find the perfect effect, why not go with a purple sunset eyeshadow application? Here’s the how-to from The Beauty Department.

First, use a loose purple eyeshadow to cover your entire eyelids. For added intensity, dip your eyeshadow brush into water beforehand, which will make the pigment darker. The color should stop right at your crease. On your lower lash line, use a purple cream eyeshadow, which is easier to apply to this area.

Now use a rose gold shade of eyeshadow like BABOR – Super Soft Eye Shadow Duo 18 Silky Rose in your crease. Blend it from your inner corners to your outer corners and bring it up to just beneath your brow bone. Finish by blending it on your lower lash line right underneath the purple shadow.

Swipe on mascara, then pair this purple eye perfection with a peachy blush and lip gloss or go bold with red lipstick. How perfect is that for summer?

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