Whether you gnaw on your nails because of nerves or you do it in an attempt to fix that jagged edge or hangnail, chances are your habit isn’t making your nails look particularly awesome. Biting your nails is not only unattractive and unsightly, but it’s unhealthy. Just think of the bacteria you’re transferring to your mouth each time you do it! Luckily, there’s one easy way to kick the habit.

It might sound simple, but all you need to do is take good care of your nails. If they’re moisturized, filed, smoothed and painted, why would you want to ruin the gorgeousness? The key to keeping them this way is always having manicure tools on hand. A small kit in your purse or car will ensure that you always have a quick fix available, so you’ll never have to resort to your teeth.

Start out with a regenerating product, which can help bring fragile, lifeless nails back to life. Then stock up on a cuticle cream and hand lotion to keep your skin soft. A nail trimmer, file and a multi-purpose polish like Lippmann Collection – Cuticle Lab Intensive Cuticle Treatment Therapy will complete your kit, leaving your nails looking fabulous.

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