Every season comes with its own set of unique advantages, and this spring, pastels will look as lovely as ever. If you’ve gotten tired of the dark, netural tones that characterize winter, now’s the time to embrace the seasonal change and upgrade your makeup.

If you were wearing a deep shade of blush in the winter (to match those holiday color palettes), lighten up with something sweet like a cotton candy pink, berry shade or even coral if you’re into warmer hues.

Eyes are decidedly where one gets to have the most fun. Experiment with soft, pastel shadows, neon-colored eyeliners and even colorful shades of mascara for a subtle hint of eye-opening radiance. Feel free to mix and match as you see fit, but if you’d rather stick to basics, the monochromatic shadow look is all the rage. Apply your color of choice to your upper lid only, or blend around for a subtle smokey eye effect.

As for lips, keeping your pout sweet and natural is always the way to go – if your mouth needs to do more talking, indulge in a honeysuckle or berry lip stain.

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