You are back and already want to go back to the relaxed, care-free and exciting destination. You are not happy about coming back to the daily-routine and your skin isn’t very happy either. The holiday glow is starting to diminish which gives you more reason to be upset.

Yes! We have all been through this phase where it takes ages to come out of our holiday mode and settle into the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. However, what I find the most difficult is to see that holiday glow disappearing from our skin; the saddest farewell to any holiday. This is why we have found a way to fake the vacation glow so that your holiday mood never goes away!

Chocolate Sun – Dark Chocolate Truffle Body Scrub

Before anything, you need to smooth your skin and this chocolate body scrub should be your first pick. Ideal for all skin types, it does not create any irritation to the holiday sensitive skin and exfoliates your body, giving it a natural and lit-from-within radiance.


The scrub not only detoxifies and hydrates your skin, it smoothes any builds-up or peeling off skin. The cherry-on-top is its chocolate aroma which keeps you mesmerized and indulged in its fragrance and warmth like eating a real chocolate truffle.

This scrub is a perfect way to prepare and smooth your skin before any sunless tanning treatment (you have to fake the holiday tan as well). The botanical ingredients in the scrub coupled with Dead Sea salt, turbinado sugar and soothing olive oil, all give a hydrated and renewed look.

Glamglow – GlowstarterMega Illuminating Moisturizer Pearl Glow

Pretty silver jars promising to give a pearlescent glow already have my heart which is why this glowstarter mega illuminating moisturizer by Glamglow is one of the best products to use to moisturise your plump skin and to maintain the holiday glow.


A soft creamy texture with super-powered botanicals, Hyaluronic acid, vitamins and green tea that delivers energized and moisturized skin. The pearl particles add the illuminating element and give a more radiant and glowing look. It blurs and reflects all light around which means there is no such thing as bad lighting when you apply this moisturizer.

Available in three shades, pearl glow, nude glow and sun glow which can be used not only to give a sun-kissed look (just like you have returned from a very summery and beachy holiday) but can also be used as a highlighter and contouring trio.

Japonesque – Luminous Foundation Flawless Liquid Makeup

A perfect way to fake the holiday glow is to look natural yet radiant.

This can be achieved by wearing Japonesque Luminous Foundation Flawless Liquid Makeup that gives a great balance between dewiness and coverage. It does not have a very watery texture but has a good grip and settles down on your skin perfectly.

The flawless liquid makeup stays true to its name by giving a flawless and luminous look which coupled with a supple texture blends in smoothly and sits on your skin comfortably for a long time. Its creamy texture does not feel cakey once applied but in fact, gives a dewy and radiant finish.

The pump on the bottle makes it easy and hassle free to use. There’s no constant worry of spillage which makes it excellent item for your everyday make-up bag as well.

Dermablend – Glow Creator Multi-Use Liquid Highlighter Gold

There’s nothing a highlighter cannot fix because the luminous glow and radiance that comes with a highlighter doesn’t even come from the holiday.


DermaBlend’s Glow Creator Highlighter in Gold is a God-send; with its silky texture complimented with 20% pigmented pearls makes you feel like you have stepped into heaven. It adds a natural dimension for a lit-from-within glowing face and body.

Just a drop of it and you will have subtle glow that will reflect your relaxed and exciting holiday. The formula blends and builds wonderfully and its vegan feature saves your skin from harmful chemicals. With this highlighter, be prepared to step out of your house like a Queen.

Smolder Cosmetics – Sand Loose Glam Dust

Trust Smolder Cosmetics to fix your entire after-holiday dull mood by making you revisit them with their marvelously pigmented cosmetics. The Sand Loose Glam Dust is a loose shimmery pigment that can be used as an eye shadow, liner, highlighter, or metallic lip topper.


The sand dust has a neutral shimmering beige tone that complements any and all skin tones. The loose dust has a very creamy consistency and blends in smoothly with your skin, giving a rich finish. If using it as an eye shadow, you don’t need a primer or glitter glue to apply it. It settles down by itself without feeling sticky.

This glam dust will restore and uplift your mood, bringing not only a glow to your face but will also brighten your spirits!

Jane Iredale – In Touch Cream Blush Connection

A cream to powder blush stick that can be glided on your skin smoothly giving a soft, dewy and natural look.


A peach cream blush perfect to fake the glow as it instantly warms up your complexion and makes you look well-rested and healthy. A peachy shade also looks more natural on a tanned skin which is a fabulous way to show off your holiday glow.

This cream blush connection comes in a stick form which makes its application very simple and precise – you can apply as much as you want without overdoing it. It can be applied over your foundation to give a more dramatic look or under your foundation to keep it more subtle.

Jane Iredale – Bronzer Refill Moonglow

You got to be kidding yourself if you thought you can fake a holiday glow without a bronzer because nothing gives a flawlessly contoured tan like a bronzer.


Jane Iredale’s Moonglow comes in four complementary shades that perfect the art of contouring and highlighting your features. The Moonglow comes in shades of gold which is a superb blend of colors that work splendidly with all and any other make-up on your face.

The gold shades keep the tone down a little but create a dramatic impact giving an all-over-sun-kissed glow that will reflect your holiday delight!

Vita Liberata – Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Lotion

A holiday tan is the most gorgeous tan because it does not only make your skin happy but also your soul happy. However, holiday tan starts to fade as soon as we set foot in our hometown – such a bummer!


But trust Vita Liberata Tan Lotion Medium to fake the receding tan. A celebrity favorite, this brand is famous for its natural botanicals and certified organic ingredients that keeps your skin moisturized and healthy.

The tan from this lotion lasts 4 times longer than a regular tan and has an ultra-hydrating and silky solution which gives an instant golden bronze color tan. It is created using the latest technology which makes it completely odorless. The free mitt included with this lotion makes the application super easy – easier than spending hours sunbathing!

Melanie Mills Hollywood – Gleam Body Radiance Peach Deluxe

When we talk about a flawless holiday glow, we just don’t mean your face but also your entire body so that you look not only exquisite in a full sleeves maxi dress but also rock the shorts with a tank top look.


Melanie Mills Hollywood Body Radiance gives you an instant sexy look with its all in one Makeup, Moisturizer and Glow for both body and face. Referred to as liquid pantyhose, it blurs all imperfections and gives your body an impeccable glow, bronze and shimmer.

The transfer resistant glow means you can pair it up with anything and not worry about it being all over the place or staining everything. The peach deluxe shade keeps the look subtle yet impactful.

Philosophy – Pure Grace Summer Surf Spray Fragrance Eau de Toilette

Now that you have prepped your skin and the holiday glow is radiating from your face and body, it is a must to complement it with a beachy fragrance to set the mood.


Philosophy’s sunny summer memories and salty ocean air inspired Surf fragrance is going to make you travel back in time where your feet are tucked under the ocean sand and the wind is encompassing you in its purity and warmth.

This refreshing and subtle scent of the beach is going to be your favorite post-holiday pick to uplift your dull mood and take you back where you belong.