With summer in full swing, ladies everywhere are looking to their lids and lashes to create a dynamic look that will blend beautifully with their warm weather attire. However, constant use of waterproof mascara and eyeshadow can do a number on your skin, so you’ll need a method of ensuring that your makeup stays in place and will keep your skin healthy.

Any makeup artist will tell you that the secret to gorgeous eyes is primer, so finding one with skin exfoliating properties is the ideal choice to keep your cosmetics from smudging and creasing. This will also add moisture to your skin while allowing for a clean and fresh look for any social occasion.

Mascara is another cosmetic to consider during the summer, but it’s important to choose one carefully. Why not embrace the magic of mineral lengthening options? The brush allows for even application and is sure to make your lashes look as lovely as ever. With a few of these tricks in mind, skin care and makeup styles can work flawlessly.

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