When you’re in a hurry to get out the door in the morning, you’re probably not going to want to skip out on styling your hair, but your normal routine could be a bigger time commitment than you can afford. If that’s the case, try these tricks from Allure magazine for shortening your styling habits.

Better blowdry
Don’t bother dividing your hair into small sections. Take bigger chunks and use a ceramic brush, which will smooth hair quicker and hold heat for longer. For volume, just hold your head upside down while blowdrying and spray with Leonor Greyl – Voluforme (Setting spray for volumn & hold). Easy!

Making waves
Rather than spending the time with a curling iron, scrunch in some gel and put your hair into a bun and let it air dry. You could also try mixing a bit of conditioner, like June Jacobs – Green Tea and Cucumber Conditioner, into a spray bottle of water. Mist all over your head then scrunch up your hair and let it air dry.

Looking polished
Instead of a straightener, use a bit of anti-frizz serum on the ends of your hair to mask damage. L`Occitane – Aromachologie Repairing Serum for Dry & Damaged Hair works great. If you have a few fly-aways, use a toothbrush misted with hairspray to tame them.

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