The smell and colors of the Fourth of July are bursting forth, and the excitement is real. Have you prepared for the mini-vacation or are you still deciding how you wish to spend the birth of the motherland? Why don’t you pick out your beauty products to match the colors of the day, red, white and blue? If you are unsure about which products actually work and look pretty at the same time, here is a list of items you can invest in. Read on to find out which one is the best beauty product for you.

WristBrella – Water Absorbent Skincare Wristbands – Cotton

Drenching wrists can be truly agonizing when you are performing your ritual skincare routine. Washing your face thoroughly can drench your sleeves and arms while spilling puddles on the countertop and floor. Try these WristBella Water Absorbent Skincare Wristbands.

Made from 100% double-sided terry cloth, the cotton wristbands are super soft and absorbent that can be used multiple times without a problem. They can easily be washed in the machine and reused.

Edge Beauty – CHER Eau De Couture EDP Spray

In search of a light yet sensual spray that sets your senses alive? Try the Edge Beauty-Cher Eau De Couture EDP Spray. The spicy, floral, and smokey perfumes combine together to form the perfect luxury spray you can use for any time and any event.

It will help you stand out and remain fresh all day long. Apply to clean skin, particularly on the pulse points, to see the best and lasting results.

Eyra Cosmetics – Blue Venom

As the name suggests, the Eyra Cosmetics Blue Venom antiaging cream is inspired by scorpion venom, which comes in an exotic blue color. Containing hyaluronic acid, argan oil, vitamin E and ascorbic acid, this cream is going to get easily absorbed into the skin and work on the cellular structure to make sure that the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is delayed.

It helps heal wounds, bringing back color and life to your dull-looking skin. It also removes dirt and pollutants from the face, making it bright and healthy. Apply during the PM hours as a night cream.

Hype Nail – Nail Polish 18 Blue Sky

Blue nail polish is sexy! Try the Hype Nail Polish 18 Blue Sky shade to give your nails new life. This toxin-free, plant-based nail enamel is made in Miami and is completely safe from animal cruelty. It is also Leaping Bunny certified and does not contain harmful agents like phthalate, formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, or xylene.

This year, flaunt the perfect blue nails at the Fourth of July parties with this stunning shade that’s durable and chip resistant. The nail paint is also easy to apply and gives good color in a single application.

SPA of ICELAND – Scented Candle Sara with Red fruits, Freesia, Roses & Sandalwood

Looking for something to soothe the nerves and calm your restless spirit? Try the SPA of Iceland Scented Candle Sara. It will transport you to the Nordic lands and bring forth the serenity of the ice-cold wind. The vegan candle makes for an impressive gift on occasion and to your favorite people.

Make sure you let the candle’s top become completely liquid each time you use it before blowing it out so the surface remains even and the candle burns better.

PANIER DES SENS – Red Poppies Shea Butter Soap

A good soap can completely change the way you look at bathing. It doesn’t just clean your skin, but it helps in soothing, making your aura fragrant while also calming your nerves. The Panier Des Sens-Red Poppies Shea Butter Soap does just that. It makes you fall in love with your daily baths. It is made from 100% vegan formula and is free from dangerous chemicals like phenoxyethanol and paraben. The mild soap is ideal for the entire family.

Make lather into your hands and then massage your body in a circular motion. Wash off with warm water and pat dry.

Almost Famous – 1.25 Glam Series Flat Iron with Luxe Gem Infused Plates – Red Carpet Strut

Summers are simply not complete without a classic straight hair look. But if you prefer variety in your hairstyles, from beachy waves to cut-through sleek looks, you need this straightener. Check out the Glam Series by Almost Famous. This Fourth of July, invest in this amazing hairstyling tool that glosses your hair, making it smooth and frizz-free.

You can also use it to curl your hair into bouncy waves. Since the straightener comes with soft-touch rubber, your fingers won’t get burned or tired while trying to get thse hair right behind your back. Adjustable temperature allows you to increase or decrease the temperature as per need.

GO SMILE – Extreme White Professional Strength Teeth Whitening

A smile is further beautified when your teeth are sparkly white. Anyone can get white teeth now, even if their natural tooth color is yellow. Just swipe the Go Smile Extreme White Professional Strength Teeth Whitening solution regularly and you can dazzle anyone with the pearly whites. All you need to do is apply the gentle and effective whitening serum on your teeth by GO SMILE for seven days, morning and night.

You will see results beyond imagination. It will seep into the teeth and make them white without causing any sensitivity.

PURFECT – White Truffle Anti Aging Face Night Cream

If you want to get rid of those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles that have appeared a little too early, try the Purfect White Truffle Anti Aging Face Night Cream. Featuring the power of white truffles, this hydrating formula will fight all visible signs of aging, making your skin soft and smooth. The cream also contains rose oil that helps eliminate dark spots.

Tested and certified by experts in Germany, this night cream will change the way you look in no time.

BILLY JEALOUSY – Duo Liquid Sands& White Knight Face Clean

A scrub that is not harsh to your skin even though it is grainy? Billy Jealousy Duo Liquid Sands & White Knight Face Clean does just that. It erases skin problems and dirt without stripping it off the natural oils. It removes dead skin, impurities and even blackheads so that your skin remains photo finish all day long.

The presence of Nigra Leaf Extract helps moisturize the skin and gives it luminosity like you have never seen before. It will improve the texture of your facial skin and let your beauty shine through.

Sekkisei – White Powder Wash

Last but not the least is the Foaming Powder Wash by Sekkisei that will instantly bring low to your face and lock in the moisture to keep it hydrated.

The cleanser also prevents inflammation, clears your complexion, and also promotes blood circulation on the face. You can use it for all skin types.